Parenting guide – “Kaamiyaabu Beleniveriyaa”

We and our beloved kinds are exposed to drugs everyday in this highly populated inevitable Male city; Its time that we “parents” knew to raise our kids to say “NO” to drug 

With the current rapid political insecurities , our public is entrapped in  the midst , Our pulic is in a kind of out of options of providing good care and good support to their kids.

We and our beloved kids are exposed to drugs everyday in this highly populated  Male city; Its time that  “parents” knew to raise  kids who knows how to say “NO” to drug. Its highly inevitable that drugs will be offered by one the friends or a drug dealer , just for the fun of it or for any other unrealistic  reasons , our kids would get entrapped to.

Since JOURNEY know these foreseeable circumstances, from our daily outreaches to drug users and interactions with the defacted dealers ,  we think it’s our obligation that we make the society aware of these issues and provide them with adequate countermeasures before the depressing heartrending happen to our beloved kids.

With this as our social obligation journey published this book, which we freely distributed to almost all the schools of Male’, and are printing the next edition to be freely sent to all the inhabited islands of Maldives. Hopefully we ll accompolish this enormous task during  text 4 months. 

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