More about us

  • Journey provides 24 hrs service through phone and service centre where all services are free. Free HIV testing and HIV counseling is also provided. Journey has visited 80% of the atolls of Maldives in attending to various requests. Journey has published books on drug prevention education for parents in helping them in parenting a drug free child. Journey has its own training manuals and guidelines, developed for drugs prevention which is based on international guidelines and ethics.
  • Journey based in Male’ is the leading NGO in Maldives working at both local and national level in the prevention of drug use in the country. Journey works closely with the National Drug Agency, in framing the policies to create a tolerant and enabling environment for the underserved, marginalized communities.
  • Journey is also a leader in policy advocacy for creating a supportive environment for drugs and HIV prevention in the country. Journey holds a chair and is represented in the National Drugs Agencies Governing Board, National AIDS Council and in Project Steering Committees of major projects related to drugs and HIV prevention in the Maldives, including the Global Fund project steering committee and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) project steering committee.