Donating to Journey NGO

Journey NGO is registered in the Republic of Maldives under Maldivian Law as a Non Governmental, Non profit organization under the registration no: T/2005/74/35

Journey NGO educates the society on drugs & HIV , and educate youth on the harm of drugs and deviate youth from experimenting with drugs and engaging in vulnerable activities of HIV, and JOURNEY supports and help the drug users to detach from their addiction and live a sober life as a productive citizens of the nation.

Journey mostly receives its funding by winning proposals to conduct specific projects.

Journey is authorized to accept donations to support its activities, or to support a specific project or as requested by the donor or well-wisher.


Donations are handled through the Journey NGOs Donations and Gift funds.

To volunteer or to donate in-kind at Journey,  please Email us:   journey.org.mv@gmail.com

Financial donations can be made, by mailing or money orders made payable to “JOURNEY”  and sent to:

Bank of Maldives limited.

Baazaaru Branch

Sea Tracs Building

Boduthakurufaanu Magu

Male’, Republic of Maldives.


What to Include in the Cover Letter

Please send a cover letter or note indicating the donation is to be used to support the mission of the JOURNEY. In the letter include the donor’s name(s) and address(es).

  • For donations in memory or honor of someone, please include the name of the person and the name(s) and address(es) of individuals you want JOURNEY to acknowledge.
  • For donations in support of a specific program of JOURNEY, please include the name of the program.

Tax Information

JOURNEY is an officially registered organization under Maldivian Government and is recognized by the  (MIRA) Maldives Inland Revenue Authority as tax-exempt under “law Number 5/2011 Business profit Tax Act , Section 15(a)3. Contributions to JOURNEY are Tax-deductible pursuant to 5/2011. 10(e). Potential donors should, however , consult with the tax advisors.

For more information please contact the JOURNEY Financial Management Branch at: (960) 334-5075.

Journey (NGO
G.Greenge, 20119,
Alikilegefaanu Magu,
Phone: +960 3345075
Fax: +960 3305075
Email: journey.org.mv@gmail.com
Republic of Maldives.