Mission & Goal

The main Mission of JOURNEY is to empower  and educate young people and communities for prevention of HIV and drug use – and reduce the suffering brought  by HIV and drug addiction,  through evidence-based interventions. We will realize this mission by setting the highest  standards in service and reliability.

  • By providing continued support through intervention and self-help peer groups.
  • To give support, advice and counseling to the families of addicts.
  • To impart training with aim of providing better employment opportunities for addicts.
  • HIV / AIDS / STI / Hep C and drug prevention intervention  sessions in schools,  colleges, resorts, offices and other relevant establishments.
  • To conduct public awareness and education programs on drug addiction and all related  issues for the society as a whole where ever whenever possible.
  • To  conduct Prevention, Intervention and Awareness, activities to the victims of drug addiction.
  • To provide treatment facilities for the drug addicts of the society
  • Harm reduction for IDUs and DUs
  • To implement Drug related disease prevention programs.

Our goal is to reach out nationwide, to liberate the victims of harmful drug abuse and their families, from their devastating life. Prevent people from becoming drug users  and engage in vulnerable activities which leads  to HIV/AIDS.