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Welcome to Journey

JOURNEY is a non-governmental organization formed with a mission to help sub- stance users to recover and reintegrate back to society as productive citizens; Empower and educate young people and communities for prevention of drug use and HIV. Presently the leading NGO in the related field; began its humanitarian work of assisting and guiding substance users for recovery on 29th November 2015.

Journey provides an interdisciplinary approach to the recovery of substance addiction by using evidence based interventions while facilitating opportunities for the recovering users and by providing support to codependents.

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Why Choose Us?

  • To make an educated society on Drug Abuse and HIV – through a holistic approach outreach intervention and educational sessions.
  • To guide, educate and build capacity & skill of youth – so as to deviate and prevent adolescents and youth from experimenting with drugs and engaging in HIV prone activities.
  • To conduct educational campaigns.
  • To provide free testing for HIV and free HIV Counseling. – through VCTC ( Voluntary Counseling & Testing Center)
  • To conduct support group meetings for Drug Users , Female Sex workers , Injecting drug users , all risk groups.
  • To enable a supportive environment for active and recovering drug users ( Female & Male ) to rebuild their lives – provide help, support and create opportunities for them to become responsible, productive citizens.
  • Provide continuum of care and support to PLWH and recovery from drug addiction.
  • To provide education and information of safe injecting and condom use – through outreaches and peer support.
  • To provide free condoms through the DROP-IN-CENTER , VCTC and outreach.
  • To conduct targeted interventions – for all risk groups of HIV.
  • To Build Capacity of nascent (newly formed) NGOs to work in the field of Drugs & HIV.
  • To Promote harm reduction approaches and support OST ( Oral Substitution therapy) program.
  • To Build capacity of isolated island communities – to form NGOs, Support groups & conduct related community level activities.
  • To Provide consultancy to all agencies.
  • To provide a safe, stigma free environment with non-judgmental & unbiased services through DROP-In-CENTER.
  • To provide 24 Hrs crisis intervention services through mobile outreach team.
The main Mission of JOURNEY is to empower and educate young people and communities for preven- tion of HIV and drug use – and reduce the suffering brought by HIV and drug addiction, through evi- dence-based interventions. We will realize this mission by setting the highest standards in service and reliability.

  • By providing continued support through intervention and self-help peer groups.
  • To give support, advice and counseling to the families of addicts.
  • To impart training with aim of providing better employment opportunities for addicts.
  • HIV / AIDS / STI / Hep C and drug prevention intervention sessions in schools, colleges, resorts, offices and other relevant establishments.
  • To conduct public awareness and education programs on drug addiction and all related issues for the society as a whole where ever whenever possible.
  • To conduct Prevention, Intervention and Awareness, activities to the victims of drug addiction.
  • To implement Drug related disease prevention programs.
  • Harm reduction for IDUs and DUs
  • To provide treatment facilities for the drug addicts of the society.

Our goal is to reach out nationwide, to liberate the victims of harmful drug abuse and their families, from their devastating life. Prevent people from becoming drug users and engage in vulnerable activities which leads to HIV/AIDS.

  • Human resource Manual of Journey NGO
  • Board Manual of Journey NGO
  • Finance Manual of Journey NGO; international standard
  • Acts of Government regarding Organizations
  • Acts of MIRA registered Organizations
  • Outreach Manual (UNODC Standard)
  • Manual for Voluntary counseling and Testing for HIV (UNAIDS standard)
  • Drug Addiction Counseling (UNODC standard)
  • RISE – Drugs & HIV prevention module (International Standard)
  • Drug Addiction Counseling
  • Case Managing
  • Family Counseling
  • Denial Management
  • Leadership & Management
  • Self-Support & Community Mobilization Interventions
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Relapse Prevention & Self-Development
  • Prevention, Intervention & Treatment
  • Assessment & Surveying
  • Project Management
  • Board member of National Drug Agency
  • Board member of National AIDs Council
  • Board member of Country coordinating mechanism of Global
    Projects in Maldives

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Journey NGO educates the society on drugs & HIV , and educate youth on the harm of drugs…
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